Brenda T. Nakandi, born on Saturday(emphasis on it having been a weekend) 4th of February 1995, is a Ugandan Biomedical Engineering Researcher with vested interest in Rehabilitation Engineering and Diagnostics. Coming from a patriarchal society, she started this blog to empower women to push themselves to achieve dreams beyond what society deems possible.

She is the current administrator and author of this blog site.

“I’m keen to share my travel experiences with you while humorously giving you a vivid picture of what I go through on my journeys. Cycling like science is largely male dominated. Indeed, it is still considered a taboo for women to ride bicycles in Kampala, Uganda. I picked up this hobby to challenge the status quo and show women that they have every right to pursue their dreams regardless of the challenges they face.”

Besides cycling – of course, she loves laughing, hiking, hanging out with friends, cooking, working out, doing research and reading.

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