Drop the norm you know about the hows and whys about cycling, this website is aimed at sharing tingles and views as experienced and seen by female cyclists as they ride their two wheels allover the world, and ULTIMATELY, share lessons gleaned from their travels for better physical, mental and social aspects of life.



Herein, you will find self-lived stories of VERY wonderful women (WARNING: mostly LONG READS) while they navigate streets wherever they happen to be at that point in time.

In case you want to have your story featured, we are MORE THAN HAPPY to share your unique experiences as a cyclist – whether as a one-time, occasional or frequent practitioner.

And for you a non cyclist, we are looking forward to inspiring you with our stories and get you to join the community of cyclists (it’s really FUN out here 😉).

Cycling is not just a sport or a means of transport, it is a lifestyle that could be the best decision you adopt in this era attributed by keen attention towards physical fitness, mental health, obesity, and being mindful about our environment – all aimed at wellness of humanity!

Brenda T. Nakandi